03 Wishbass custom 7 string fretless '02 Wishbass custom 7 string fretless

This is a custom bass built for me by luthier Steve Wishnevsky in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 2003.  I based it on his "7 string Peanut" design, requesting he smooth out some of the pointy ends and contour the end of the fingerboard.  I chose woods that I thought would deliver a mellow tone, yet full and present.  I chose ambrosia maple for the body (he didn't have any spaulted maple at the time,) maple for the neck and a purpleheart fingerboard. When this bass arrived, I was overjoyed with the results.  The neck is very comfortable (surprising because it is very thick -- closer to an upright bass neck) and an incredible range, both in pitch and tone.  I initially tuned the bass (low to high) F#,B,E,A,D,G,C.  After finding I didn't use the low F# string much, I now keep the bass tuned B,E,A,D,G,C,F.  I replaced the electronics with a stock Fender 5 string pickup and a stock 2 string precision pickup wired in series.  I installed two Fender four string bridges, drilling new holes in the bridges to accomodate the string spacing for the Wishbass.  I'm using this bass with the Rick Rourke and Lost Wages project.

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