85 Knilling 3/4 size Upright Bass '85 Knilling 3/4 size Upright Bass

I bought this fine instrument in 1995 from Bob Comarow in Orlando, Florida.  The drive down to pick this beast up (with assistance from Johnny "V" Vasiliadis) proved worthwhile.  It's a 1985 bass from Romania built by luthier Karl Knilling.  It is completely carved throughout, with solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides.  It has an ebony nut, fingerboard and tailpiece, and chrome plated, engraved Tyrolean machine heads.  I play both pizzicato and with a French-style permanbucco bow.  Craig Thayler does any repair work when it needs glueing and such.  He builds and repairs violins and his work on my bass has been fantastic.

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